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The website is a crucial starting point for anyone wanting to find out about your school – prospective parents as well as Ofsted inspectors. It is essential that all schools comply with the DFE’s requirements for what must be published on their websites. 

Our standard website review has been enhanced to cover the same comprehensive compliance check and also include a narrative on readability, design and audience suitability. 

What it does

Our review still provides a full report on the effectiveness of your website. Each statutory aspect will be evaluated in line with the most up-to-date legislation and our expert will undertake exactly the same checks as those carried out by an Ofsted Lead Inspector prior to an inspection. As well as checking whether statutory documents and information are on your website, policies and other documents will be scrutinised to ensure they are up to date. In addition, the report now includes information about the navigation and general website layout considering an audience of parents as well as inspectors. Our report will also provide a clear summary of areas for action as well as suggestions for improvements to enhance the information you are already providing.

What is included

  • A detailed analysis of the content of your website, conducted off-site by one of our specialists
  • A report on the effectiveness of the website will be completed according to an industry standard website appraisal
  • Clear pointers on how to improve your website and make it compliant
  • The turnaround is usually within 5 working days

Format for reporting

As part of our quality assurance processes, B11 uses a standard report format which is in-line with industry standards for website appraisals.

What this is not

This is not a simple compliance check of whether statutory information is provided or not, but support that will help you to enhance your website and remain in line with updated requirements.


We can arrange a repeat visit to follow-up on the recommended changes of our first review, or to revisit your site to check for compliance with amended guidance from the government. Either of these options can also be included as part of a regular programme of website checks.

To book a check of your website, contact us today.

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