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Improvement without evaluation is impossible. As one of the UK’s most trusted networks of independent education consultants, this is a belief we live by.

Drawing on our vast experience as headteachers, Ofsted inspectors, former HMIs, local authority school improvement officers and/or DfE Advisers, we work with inspiring education leaders to review, improve, succeed and surpass. Our overriding goal? To ensure your pupils benefit from the highest quality education.


In three words, our way of working is bespoke, transparent and insightful. Schools, academies, MATs, further education colleges and local authorities all differ vastly across the UK – consequently so does our advice. That is why we always like to begin with a conversation. We will find out what you are looking to accomplish and when. We will then match your needs with the skill set of one of our consultants and create a completely bespoke proposal. Our solution will be honest, focused on improvement and delivered from a wealth of first-hand experience.

Identifying an establishment’s strengths and areas for development is the key to building better outcomes for all, first and foremost for pupils, but also for teachers and school leaders. Despite this being fundamental to a school’s success, it is a feat that can be hard to accomplish alone. A shifting educational landscape, a Government that can make abrupt changes and ever-mounting workloads are all to blame. This is where we step in, offering a fresh set of eyes, a wealth of experience and objective feedback.

We are proud to be part of the Premier Education Group, the UK’s number one provider of sport and physical activity to schools. Being part of a wider team that shares our focus – to improve the wellbeing and outcomes of children – is hugely beneficial and allows us to both receive and offer insight across the education sector.


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School improvement partners



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Based across the UK, ensuring support is always close by, each of our highly regarded consultants has built a formidable reputation in school improvement. Think of them as a partner. As your partner, they will always be open, honest and straight-talking. They will offer invaluable knowledge, intelligence, guidance and support, and will go way beyond ticking boxes.

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