Earlier this week, the key stage 2 SATS results were released to primary school headteachers across the UK.

If you are one of those headteachers and have spent time analysing the data, you may be thinking ‘what next?’. Perhaps the majority of your pupils achieved the expected national standard or above in all subjects or perhaps overall results for the school indicate there are areas for development.

Regardless of whether you are feeling delighted, disappointed or somewhere in the middle, now is the opportune time to review your school’s next steps – but where do you start?

Take our quiz below to explore some options based on your school’s results:

No matter where you are on your school improvement journey, B11’s network of highly experienced education experts is here to support you and ensure that 2019/20 gets off to a flying start.

Using Ofsted’s new inspection framework as a foundation, they will provide robust, independent, external validation of the judgements that you have made, in addition to giving practical advice about next steps for improvement.

Explore our services to find out more or book a free consultation today.



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