Are you confident that your school is fulfilling its obligations to deliver the breadth of education and skills that pupils need to prepare them for every aspect of adult life, not just their exams? Are you giving as much thought to other areas of pupil development as you’re giving to their academic performance?  

In an age of continual assessment, it’s easy to forget that the role of schools is to prepare pupils to thrive in and contribute to an increasingly complex world, not just pass tests. While there is undoubtedly a need for pupils to have evidence of their academic success, it’s important to remember that delivering an outstanding education is about supplying the depth of knowledge and the skill-base necessary to live and work in adulthood. Despite the pressures of league tables, you can still ensure that your staff have the skills and breadth of knowledge to evaluate and address the specific needs of their students. B11’s elite consultants have the expertise and experience required to help you to excel at these often-neglected aspects of school performance.

In addition to pupil academic outcomes, the current Ofsted framework measures pupils’ personal development, their behaviour and welfare, and their spiritual, moral and social development. These are likely to become even more important with the changing framework. These outcomes can be challenging for senior leadership teams to assess, lacking clear numerical data. Some B11 consultants are experienced school inspectors, able to evaluate your school’s current performance against all aspects of the framework and identify areas for improvement. They can then provide staff training sessions to help staff to identify and focus on the specific skills and support that their unique students need to equip them for their futures. Consultants can also recommend action plans and track progress, which will enable you and your staff to deliver the best possible education to your pupils and feel confident ahead of your next inspection.

There have also been recent national discussions about widening the curriculum. Your school will be able to create a curriculum and opportunities to best meet the needs of the pupils in your community, during their time at school and beyond. B11’s experienced consultants can assist with this by sharing their knowledge of how pupils learn and the demands of the national curriculum. They also have an understanding of what skills pupils need in order to prepare for adult life and become valued citizens with the ability to succeed in whatever they choose to do in the future. Once consultants have worked alongside senior and middle leaders as they map out the curriculum, they can help you to deliver a consistent message to all staff, and later measure the impact of the changes.

Despite finite staff resources and the pressures of retaining and improving your position in the league tables, you can excel at preparing children for a well-rounded life with dedicated help from B11’s team. Whether you’re seeking an experienced inspector, a current school practitioner with first-hand knowledge of the challenges you face or a consultant with years of practice delivering change at every level, B11 can offer you a bespoke solution that will allow you to prepare your pupils for life beyond exams.

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