Covid-19 Policy

B11 Education Ltd (part of Premier Education Group plc) | Covid-19 Policy

B11 always takes the safety of its consultants and of school staff and pupils very seriously, and particularly during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

We therefore expect all consultants working in schools on behalf of B11 to:

• Ensure that they understand and follow the government guidance for Covid-19 security in England, in addition to the guidance produced for schools by the DFE, as well as taking account of any local context or restrictions.
• Not travel to, or enter, any school if they are experiencing any of the symptoms of Covid-19. In this case, please contact B11 at the earliest opportunity so that we can make alternative arrangements with the client.
• Check with school leaders in advance of the visit to request information on any school specific Covid-19 security regulations.
• Ensure that they wash hands / use hand sanitiser on entry to the school and at frequent intervals throughout the visit.
• Wear a mask in line with national, local or school guidelines.
• Be aware that some staff and pupils may be increasingly vulnerable during the pandemic in terms of their physical and mental health. If this becomes obvious during an interview or activity, stop and refer to the headteacher for guidance.
• Be on the alert for, and remove themselves from, any situations which are potentially compromising to their health.


We request that school leaders who commission work from B11 consultants:

• Ensure that they are adhering to all national, local and DFE guidance so that they are providing an environment which is as Covid-secure as possible for consultants as well as for staff and pupils.
• Take time prior to the visit to inform the consultant of school specific Covid regulations.
• Ensure that rooms for meetings are well-ventilated and allow for the latest social distancing guidelines to be followed.
• Inform consultants if they are meeting with someone who may be emotionally or physically vulnerable.
• Inform B11 at the earliest opportunity in the event of the school having to respond to a Covid situation in a way which is likely to alter the timing or the scope of the visit.